On June 8, the presentation of the second phase of the Connect A+ Network took place. The objective of the session was to present the new activities of this second edition, as well as the opportunities for involvement, new calls and communication platforms available. During the session, the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) was introduced as a new associate member and the opportunities that the alliance implies.

Conéctate A+ is a network of researchers, professionals and institutions from Latin America and Switzerland that seeks to promote interdisciplinary analysis of key interactions between ecosystems, climate change and human health, within the framework of sustainable development in the Tropical Andes and Central America. In this second phase, the network addresses 4 specific priorities, (1) promote inter- and transdisciplinary research collaboration among research institutions, including capacity building and training, (2) identify relevant research products and results that contribute to inform sustainable development and environmental governance, (3) disseminate relevant knowledge, including linking knowledge and action in key decision-making and policy processes, and (4) contribute to the formulation and implementation of new strategies and projects that foster collaborations towards sustainable development.

For its implementation, the development of new series of Webinars, involvement with decision makers and policy formulation, generation of information through regional syntheses, launching of new calls for research grant funding, support for the formulation of collaborative research grants and academic exchanges, among others, are planned. It is hoped that the platform can be a space for interaction that integrates and promotes an integrated and interdependent view of ecosystems, human activities and their health.

Acces here to see the recording of the meeting and here to dowload the presentation

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