Swiss North-South Collaboration in research and education: A sustainable model for the future

The SUDAC program has officially entered its second phase in 2021. For 2021-2024, the network will focus on the development of regional Clusters of Cooperation (CLOCs) in the Global South, of which the research collaboration hub in the Tropical Andes and Central America region (Conéctate A+) is co-led by the MRI, CONDESAN and UZH. The annual conference offers the opportunity to present the current state of these projects and discuss their strategies for the next years. At the same time, SUDAC will engage in a dialogue with other national stakeholders on the future of Swiss North-South collaboration in Research and Education. The conference is organised by swissuniversities with support from the KFPE (Commission for Research Partnerships with developing countries). 

As part of the annual international conference there are a series of digital workshops before and after the event, in collaboration with the r4d programme. The aim of these workshops is to bring together professionals from different instruments of Swiss North-South research, to promote exchange on key topics and to expand the community network.

Discover the detailed conference programme here.  

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