Conéctate A+ and IAI CEH Transdisciplinary Training Initiative

Organized as a side event during the IAI CEH TD Training Course

24 October, 8:00-9:00 (UTC -5) / 10:00-11:00 (UYT)

This «meet and greet» side event aims to introduce the initiatives, connect expertise and initiate collaboration between the Conéctate A+ community and participants in the IAI «Climate, Environment and Health for the Americas» transdisciplinary training initiative.

 Conéctate A+ is a «Cluster of Cooperation (CLOC)» and research collaboration hub in the Tropical Andes and Central America region, supported by and part of the swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network (SUDAC) programme. Conéctate A+ has a broad membership that builds on the SUDAC’s Consortia for Education and Research (COFER) and existing networks coordinated and led by the MRICONDESAN and the University of Zürich, as well as combining existing and new partnerships in this region. The research activities promoted in Conéctate A+ are thematically focused on climate change, ecosystems, and health in view of sustainable development within the framework of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

High-quality proposals being prepared as part of the IAI TD training initiative are eligible for seed grant funding and subsequent submission to larger grants such as the Belmont Forum CRA on Climate, Environment and Health expected in 2023.

This virtual networking event presents an opportunity to learn more about the concept notes of the research projects and competencies the transdisciplinary research teams are looking for to complement their team.


Looking forward to see you there!

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